A Very Darcy Christmas

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A Very Darcy Christmas

Elizabeth and Darcy are preparing for their first Christmas at Pemberley when they are suddenly deluged by a flood of uninvited guests. Mrs. Bennet is seeking refuge from the French invasion she believes to be imminent. Lady Catherine brings two suitors for Georgiana’s hand, who cause a bit of mayhem themselves. Lydia’s presence causes bickering—and a couple of small fires—while Wickham has more nefarious plans in mind….The abundance of guests soon puts a strain on her marriage as Elizabeth tries to manage the chaos while ensuring a happy Christmas for all.

Meanwhile, Georgiana is finding her suitors—and the prospect of coming out—to be very unappealing. Colonel Fitzwilliam seems to be the only person who understands her fondness for riding astride and shooting pistols. Georgiana realizes she’s beginning to have more than cousinly feelings for him, but does he return them? And what kind of secrets is he hiding?

Romance and merriment abound as everyone gathers to celebrate a Very Darcy Christmas.


“This playful holiday sequel novella by Victoria Kincaid is the perfect book to enjoy through the chaotic and bustling holiday season! It is light, fast-paced, and the antics of these characters will definitely make you laugh out loud more than once! Those who’ve read Chaos Comes to Longbourn, know that Victoria Kincaid has a wicked sense of humor and a talent for channeling Jane Austen’s more eccentric and exasperating characters! She continues to do that superbly in her latest release!” – Austenesque Reviews, 4.5 stars

“Ms. Kincaid knows just how to wrap enough mischief, mayhem, and romance into her holiday story! It’s a challenge to write JAFF that has a more humorous than serious bent without losing some credibility, but Victoria Kincaid handles this challenge with her uncanny ability to combine Austen’s storyline and characters with a variety of different forms of humor so that her jokes stayed funny throughout the story, while at the same time, the characters felt true to their original personalities.” – JustJane1813, 4.5 stars

“I have been reading several P&P books that occur during the Christmas periods and A Very Darcy Christmas from Victoria Kincaid was one of my favorites. It is a very light, fast paced book filled with humor but also romance from a quarter we would not expect. It is funny, romantic and up to the standards Mrs. Kincaid already got us used to. She marvels at adding humor to her stories and yet keeping true to Jane Austen’s characters, and A Very Darcy Christmas is vivid proof of her proficiency in this type of stories.”
From Pemberley to Milton, 4.5 stars.



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