Rebellion at Longburn

Elizabeth Bennet’s father died two years ago, and her odious cousin Mr. Collins has taken possession of the Longbourn estate. Although Collins and his wife Charlotte have allowed the Bennet sisters and their mother to continue living at Longbourn, the situation is difficult. Viewing Elizabeth and her sisters as little more than unpaid servants, Collins also mistreats the tenants, spends the estate’s money with abandon, and rejects any suggestions about improving or modernizing Longbourn. After one particularly egregious incident, Elizabeth decides she must organize a covert resistance among her sisters and the tenants, secretly using more modern agricultural methods to help the estate thrive. Her scheme is just getting underway when Mr. Darcy appears in Meryton.

Upon returning from a long international voyage, Darcy is forced to admit he cannot forget his love for Elizabeth. When he learns of the Bennet family’s plight, he hurries to Hertfordshire, hoping he can provide assistance. Sinking into poverty, Elizabeth is further out of Darcy’s reach than ever; still, he cannot help falling even more deeply in love. But what will he do when he discovers her covert rebellion against Longbourn’s rightful owner?   

Falling in love with Mr. Darcy was not part of Elizabeth’s plan, but it cannot be denied.  Darcy struggles to separate his love for her from his abhorrence for deception.  Will their feelings for each other help or hinder the Rebellion at Longbourn? 


“Full of thoughtful twists, progressive ideals, and exhilarating action – Rebellion at Longbourn is a sheer delight! Ms. Kincaid once again delivers a terrifically entertaining and riveting story that will leave the reader exasperated with Mr. Collins, greatly inspired by the Bennet women, and deeper in love with Mr. Darcy.” Austenesque Reviews

Five Stars “I found this Darcy very dashing. And, naturally, a crusading Elizabeth with a gentle heart was a brilliant heroine….All in all, I was fully absorbed and found Rebellion at Longbourn a thought-provoking, riveting, and romantic tale that I can easily recommend to Austenesque lovers and sweet historical romance fans.”  Austen Prose Blog

“Victoria Kincaid proves yet again that she is one of the best authors in JAFF.” Half Agony Half Hope blog

“This author is a must read for me, particularly when the story is focused on Elizabeth and Darcy. She always uses original premises that I have rarely (if ever) seen and writes them beautifully.” – A Kindle Customer

“Loved the book, as always. Victoria is a great storyteller, I highly recommend for all Jane Austen lovers, you’ll enjoy it.” – Cherri on Amazon