When Mary Met the Colonel

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When Mary Met the Colonel

Without the beauty and wit of the older Bennet sisters or the liveliness of the younger, Mary is the Bennet sister most often overlooked.  She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness, alleviated only by music and the occasional book of military history.

Colonel Fitzwilliam finds himself envying his friends who are marrying wonderful women while he only attracts empty-headed flirts.  He longs for a caring, well-informed woman who will see the man beneath the uniform.

A chance meeting in Longbourn’s garden during Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding breakfast kindles an attraction between Mary and the Colonel.  However, the Colonel cannot act on these feelings since he must wed an heiress. He returns to war, although Mary finds she cannot easily forget him.

Is happily ever after possible after Mary meets the Colonel?


“Romantic story…that’s charming and quite heartwarming…this novella is a sweet read that can be experienced and savored in one sitting.” – JustJane1813

“I thought this novella was excellent, and I really enjoyed it. I liked that Mary, from the experience of being made to feel attractive and valued, starts to put some value on herself…it’s a wonderfully romantic read. There is a lot of romance in the idea of two people who care for each other but who are divided, especially when neither has an indication that their affection is returned…sigh! I’d recommend this book and I’d rate it at 4½ stars.” – Babblings of a Bookworm

“When Mary Met the Colonel is the perfect novella to read between some Darcy and Elizabeth centered books. It is romantic, interesting and loving…Victoria Kincaid created the perfect love story for Mary Bennett and showed us that maybe she is not at all what we think she is…it gave me enormous pleasure to read this novella and to be in the company of these wonderful characters. I have enjoyed many of Victoria Kincaid’s books, but none gave such a feeling of freedom and happiness as this novella.” From Pemberley to Milton


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