Darcy vs. Bennet

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Darcy vs. Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is drawn to a handsome, mysterious man she meets at a masquerade ball. However, she gives up all hope for a future with him when she learns he is the son of George Darcy, the man who ruined her father’s life.  Despite her father’s demand that she avoid the younger Darcy, when he appears in Hertfordshire Elizabeth cannot stop thinking about him, or seeking him out, or welcoming his kisses…

Fitzwilliam Darcy has struggled to carve out a life independent from his father’s vindictive temperament and domineering ways, although the elder Darcy still controls the purse strings.  After meeting Elizabeth Bennet, Darcy cannot imagine marrying anyone else, even though his father despises her family.  More than anything he wants to make her his wife, but doing so would mean sacrificing everything else… 


“Once again, this was another book by Ms. Kincaid that I just couldn’t put down once I started reading it! Her plot was clever, her characters were great fun to spend time with and her dialogue is just as sharp and as engaging as ever…I highly recommend this story for all JAFF readers who are looking for a book that will bring them all of the above while effortlessly sprinkled with some funny and light-hearted moments!”  –  Just Jane 1813

“I swear Victoria’s books always make me feel better when I read them and she is one of my go to JAFF authors. Darcy vs. Bennet is a definite must read and you don’t want to miss it.” – Half Agony Half Hope Blog


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