Have You Been Visiting Magical Austen?

I am a part of a group of authors who specialize in Austenesque fantasy stories — a truly august group of writers which includes Abigail Reynolds, Maria Grace, Sarah Courtney, Lari O’Dell, Monica Fairview, and Melanie Rachel. Over the past couple of months we have been writing a round robin Pride and Prejudice fantasy variation, Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, based on elements chosen by a poll of readers. Every Wednesday we release a new chapter. Have you been following the story? We’re at chapter 18 (written by yours truly) and things are getting pretty interesting! Be sure to visit if you haven’t been to the Magical Austen website before.


Austenesque Reviews Gives Mages and Mysteries Fabulous Review!

Austenesque Reviews gave Mages & Mysteries 4.5 stars out of 5. Reviewer Meredith Esparza wrote, “Mages and Mysteries is a spellbinding adventure full of action, danger, humor, and romance! Victoria Kincaid crafts together such a fascinating, developed, and entertaining world of magic in this tale that I’m dearly hoping we can visit it again!”

Blog Tour Scheduled for Mages and Mysteries

Here is the blog tour schedule for Mages and Mysteries. I’ll be posting an excerpt and a giveaway at each blog. It’s possible additional blogs will be added. Check my Facebook page for updates.

December 6       Babblings of a Bookworm

December 7       So Little time

December 8       Savvy Verse and Wit

December 9       My Jane Austen Book Club

December 10     Probably at the Library

December 13     My Vices and Weaknesses

December 16     From Pemberley to Milton

December 28     My Love for Jane Austen

January 10          Austenesque Reviews

My New Fantasy Pride and Prejudice Variation is Now Available!

Whoo-hoo! My long-awaited fantasy Pride and Prejudice variation, Mages and Mysteries, is now available on Amazon! The blurb is below.

In Regency England, women are expected to confine their magical acts to mending dresses or enhancing their beauty, but Elizabeth Bennet insists on crafting her own spells to fight goblins and protect the people of Meryton.  She even caused a scandal by applying for admission to the magical Academy. When Hertfordshire is beset with a series of unexplained goblin attacks, Elizabeth is quite ready to protect her family and friends. If only she didn’t have to deal with the attitude of the arrogant mage, Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Mr. Darcy doesn’t need to be associated with a scandalous woman like Elizabeth Bennet—no matter how attractive she is. But as the goblin attacks accelerate and grow more dangerous, Darcy realizes that he could use her help in identifying the cause—and is forced to recognize her magical ability.  Unfortunately, continued proximity to Elizabeth only heightens his attraction to her—which is particularly inconvenient in light of his engagement to Caroline Bingley.

Can Elizabeth and Darcy unravel the mystery of the goblin attacks before more people are hurt? And how can they manage their growing mutual attraction? It’s sure to be interesting…because when Darcy and Elizabeth come together, magic happens.  

Rebellion at Longbourn Blog Tour

Here is the schedule for the Rebellion at Longbourn Blog Tour!  Most visits will feature Giveaways and Guest Posts.

May 30 – Half Agony/Half Hope

June 3 – Diary of an Eccentric

June 4 – From Pemberley to Milton

June 5 – Babblings of a Bookworm

June 6 – My Jane Austen Book Club

June 8 – Interests of a Jane Austen Girl

June 10 – Austenesque Reviews

June 11 – Margie’s Must Reads

June 15 – Savvy Verse and Wit

June 20 – For Love of Austen

July 2  – More Agreeably Engaged

July 27 – Austenprose

4.5 Star Austenesque Review for When Charlotte Became Romantic!

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews gave a 4.5 star review to my recent novel, When Charlotte Became Romantic!

She writes, “Victoria Kincaid delivers a sensitive and splendid secondary character story that illustrates the unknown past and surprisingly romantic nature of Charlotte Lucas! Readers who enjoy second chance romances and unexpected heroines will find much to enjoy.”
Check out the review here!