Lovely Review of Chaos Comes to Longbourn


Chaos Comes to Longbourn received a lovely review on Obsessed with Mr. Darcy.  She writes, “Ms Kincaid needs less than 10 pages to temporarily ruin all of her characters’ lives. You will see that one single thought leads to the biggest turmoil I’ve read about our favourite Pride and Prejudice characters….Tangled web would not express faithfully what’s going on in this novel. Chaos did not only come to Longbourn, but also to Meryton.”

Mira also quotes her favorite line from the novel:  “While he bragged about Rosings Park, I might be tempted to push him out one of the expensively glazed windows.”

She compares my book to a Shakespearean play, but I’ll try not to let that go to my head. 🙂


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