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Great Review from Of Pens and Pages Blog!

Great Review from Of Pens and Pages!

“What a book! I was quite apprehensive to start this book since I could never imagine dear Mr. Darcy with anyone other than Elizabeth. I couldn’t even imagine myself with him! Nevertheless, I’m happy I read this book. ‘Chaos’ wouldn’t be enough to describe the events in this book….
It’s as hilarious as it sounds, folks. There were a lot of funny parts in the book that made me laugh out loud.”

Of Pens and Pages


4.5 Star Review for Darcy vs. Bennet from Austenesque Reviews!

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews writes the most thoughtful and insightful reviews (and I’m not just saying that because she likes my books 🙂 ).  Check out her very thorough review of Darcy vs. Bennet.  4.5 stars out of 5!

Guest Blog and Giveaway at Diary of an Eccentric!

Check out my guest blog at Diary of an Eccentric — where I talk about humor in Jane Austen and the role it plays in my P&P variations.  There’s also an excerpt from Chaos Comes to Longbourn and a giveaway of ebook or paperback (winner’s choice).


Lovely Review from Half Agony Half Hope Blog

Review from Half Agony Half Hope blog:  “I was a little apprehensive going into this book but after I started reading I couldn’t put it down. The hilarity that ensues because of all these unlikely couples having to hook up because of compromises and convenience…. Victoria Kincaid proves yet again that she is a rising star in the world of JAFF fiction. This is definitely one of her best books.”


Giveaway and Excerpt at The Calico Critic

Check out the Calico Critic blog for a giveaway of Chaos Comes to Longbourn and an excerpt — in which Lydia laughs at Darcy’s marriage proposal!


Ten 5-Star Reviews in One Week and a Giveaway!

In a little over a week, Chaos Comes to Longbourn has accumulated ten 5-star reviews.  Wow!  That’s a record for me!  Thank you to everyone who wrote a review.  They make a difference.  Not only do they help sales (which makes it possible for me to write), when I have a bad day, a good review can keep me going.

As another thank you, there’s a Giveaway of Chaos Comes to Longbourn at The Secret Understandings of the Heart.  You can also read an excerpt that describes how Darcy ends up proposing to Lydia (!).


Giveaway and Guest Blog at From Pemberley to Milton

From Pemberley to Milton

Check out my guest blog about Chaos Comes to Longbourn at the From Pemberley to Milton blog. I describe the challenges I faced in the novel when writing from eight (!) different points of view. There’s also an excerpt: a conversation between Darcy and Lydia that is doomed from the start. 🙂

You can also enter a Giveaway (ebook or paperback–winner’s choice)!


Lovely Review of Chaos Comes to Longbourn


Chaos Comes to Longbourn received a lovely review on Obsessed with Mr. Darcy.  She writes, “Ms Kincaid needs less than 10 pages to temporarily ruin all of her characters’ lives. You will see that one single thought leads to the biggest turmoil I’ve read about our favourite Pride and Prejudice characters….Tangled web would not express faithfully what’s going on in this novel. Chaos did not only come to Longbourn, but also to Meryton.”

Mira also quotes her favorite line from the novel:  “While he bragged about Rosings Park, I might be tempted to push him out one of the expensively glazed windows.”

She compares my book to a Shakespearean play, but I’ll try not to let that go to my head. 🙂


Five Star Review for Chaos Comes to Longbourn

Claudine at the JustJane1813 blog has given Chaos Comes to Longbourn a five star review!  She writes, “As she adheres to the proprieties and the sensibilities of the Regency era, Ms. Kincaid has spun a tale that is quite comedic, while she simultaneously manages to balance her story with the serious consequences contained within each couples’ own particular situation. I love that her plot never sags or wanes and that she also manages to develop Darcy and Elizabeth’s own budding relationship in the midst of all of this chaos. The inner musings of each of her characters are so well-written and reflect each character’s  growing awareness of his/her own true feelings throughout each situation.”

The post also includes a giveaway (ebook or paperback – winner’s choice), excerpt, and guest blog in which I describe how a Facebook post by Joana Starnes inspired me to write Chaos Comes to Longbourn.

“Chaos Comes to Longbourn” By Victoria Kincaid/ A Review, A Readers’ Choice Giveaway & Excerpt


My Debut as a Member of Austen Authors!

Recently I was honored to be invited to join Austen Authors, a wonderful group of dedicated Jane Austen Fan Fiction writers.  Today is my debut blog on the Austen Authors page — where I address the question of “Why Does Jane Get All the Fan Fiction?”  In other words, why aren’t we reading and writing fan fiction based on Melville, Dickens or Poe?  These thoughts have been knocking around in my head for a while, so I hope you find them interesting.

Why Does Jane Get All the Fan Fiction?