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Enthusiastic Review (in Italian and English) of Mr. Darcy to the Rescue — Also Giveaway!

Loren at the Wings of Paper blog wrote a lovely review of Mr. Darcy to the Rescue (in both Italian and English).  She is also hosting a giveaway of the book!


Lovely Review on From Pemberley to Milton!

Rita on the From Pemberley to Milton blog did a lovely review of Mr. Darcy to the Rescue!

“The journey is lighthearted, fresh and funny. I adored reading the book from the perspective of both characters, and I loved reading their thoughts in the middle of the conversations. It made me feel closer to them, and it made the book funnier.”

“This is the 3rd book I’ve read from Victoria Kincaid, and once again she wrote a book that is never boring and that keeps urging us to read it without stopping.”


Wonderful Review from More Agreeably Engaged!

Lovely review from Janet at the More Agreeably Engaged blog!  She writes:

“There are many things about this book that I love but one of them is the author’s talent of revealing the thoughts of our hero and heroine in such a witty fashion. I found myself laughing on many occasions. It was such an amusing and endearing way of knowing their innermost feelings. I was happy to be along for the ride and ‘feel’ with them.”


Giveaway and Guest Post — the Importance of Laughter in Austen’s Novels

Giveaway and guest post at Diary of an Eccentric.  I write about the importance of laughter in Austen’s novels.  Here’s the beginning of the blog — visit Diary of an Eccentric to read the rest or sign up for the giveaway!

“So, I wrote a Pride and Prejudice variation in which Elizabeth actually becomes engaged to Mr. Collins. Why was I motivated to write such a plot? Well, there are multiple reasons, but one is because my son (then 11 years old) thought Mr. Collins was funny….” https://diaryofaneccentric.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/guest-post-giveaway-mr-darcy-to-the-rescue-by-victoria-kincaid/

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I ask the Question: “Why Mr. Collins?” in Guest Blog at My Jane Austen Book Club

Visit My Jane Austen Book Club for my guest post about Mr. Collins and why he’s so hard for JAFF writers to redeem.  There’s also an excerpt from Mr. Darcy to the Rescue and a giveaway of an ebook or paperback copy!



Mr. Darcy to the Rescue Now Available on Amazon and Smashwords!!!!

The ebook of Mr. Darcy to the Rescue is now up on Amazon and Smashwords.  The paperback copy is almost ready (and will be available through Amazon) and other ebook retailers are in the works (they take a couple days).  Thank you to all my readers who have been waiting so patiently!